Count on a Syracuse Massage Specialist to Rub Your Stress Away


Count on a Syracuse Massage Specialist to Rub Your Stress Away

Imagine having undergone one of the most brutal days of the year for you. Whether it’s a dissertation defense at the hands of tough panelists, participating in a mean triathlon, or even an intense basketball game with your friends amidst the summer heat, the strenuousness of the activity can leave your body completely drained. As such, you may want to have an appointment with a therapist at a Syracuse massage center like the LaFleur de Beaute Day Spa. There are some packages you can look forward to:


There’s nothing more satisfying than lying down in a special bed and letting a massage therapist work over your body. The most common method of massage is the Swedish massage. Designed around working on the human anatomy and physiology, the method involves rubbing and kneading motions on the skin and muscles. Before the massage gets underway, the therapist applies special oils on the client to help the body prepare for the treatment. Swedish massages normally last up to an hour or an hour and a half.

Another form of massage worth checking out is the bamboo fusion method. Originating from methods developed in China, bamboo fusion massage involves rolling bamboo sticks all over affected sections of the body, such as the arms and legs. Proponents claim that rolling the sticks allows for the restoration of muscle fascia and breaks open blockages in the lymphatic system.

Body Treatments

The massage is only one of many relaxing ways reputable spas in Syracuse NY, like the LaFleur de Beaute Day Spa, can pamper you with. The Sea Mud Body Mask, for instance, uses oils mixed with seaweed vegetable extracts to produce a mud-like substance that is applied all over the body. The mixture extracts impurities from the body.

The stress-wracked patient in you may also consider a Herbal Body Wrap, consisting of a cream concoction containing essential oils that is applied all over the body. Warm linen sheets draped over the client enables the oils to be absorbed into the body. This is designed to help the patient rehydrate and relax.

Sometimes, it is wise to indulge yourself in quality spa treatments after all the pain you’ve gone through. They will help you take your thoughts off those matters for a few moments and leave you fully refreshed.

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