Getting a Hot Stone Massage at Spas in Syracuse, NY

Since the ancient times, hot stones were used at bath facilities for healing the body. These days, hot stone massage has gained popularity as a great way of relaxing and relieving stress without the need for overly rough massage sessions. You can schedule a session at reputable spas in Syracuse, NY if you want to try it out for yourself.

There is more to hot stone massage than just hot rocks, though. Here are a few things to keep in mind before setting up your appointment with your chosen spa.

Spa Hot Stone Massage

How a Hot Stone Massage Works

The rocks used in a hot stone massage are specially chosen so that they retain heat and feel smooth to the touch. This is why the stones are usually river stones composed of basalt that have been smoothed over by lapidary effect of water currents over streambeds. These stones are then heated to a certain temperature, and may then be placed at specific points on the back, between the toes, and in the palms of the hand.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

For any hardworking individual, just the chance to unload stress and relax is probably the best perk of getting a hot stone massage in Syracuse, NY. However, this therapy does more than that; as it helps improve circulation, relaxes muscles, and calms one’s nerves. Hot stone massages also help with conditions like insomnia, depression, osteoarthritis, and other such aches and pains.

Beautiful woman having a wellness back massage and feeling visibly good about it

Safety Precautions

There are, however, some conditions that would make it inadvisable to take a hot stone massage. If you’ve recently just come out of surgery or chemotherapy, if you have an infectious skin disease or open wounds, and if you are prone to blood clots, then a hot stone massage might not be advisable for you. If you’re pregnant, you would need to check with your doctor first and ensure that the masseuse is certified in pregnancy massage.

Above all other things, you must take care to choose experienced and trusted spas such as La Fleur de Beauté for an effective hot stone massage treatment. Otherwise, you may not enjoy the experience, nor all the benefits that you should be getting from it.