Hot Stone Massage in Syracuse, NY: Warming You Up for a Restful Weekend

After a long, tiring week working in New York state’s fifth most populous city, you might want nothing more than to lie down on a nice massage table and relax your way through the weekend. You can relax your body in a great number of ways; in fact, you might end up feeling exhausted just thinking about your options. There is one particular way, however, that you might like to try, if you haven’t yet: hot stone massage in Syracuse, NY. Here is an overview.

Hot Stone Massage Basics

In addition to being a type of massage, hot stone massage is a relaxing therapy. It involves special smooth, heated stones that the therapist applies by using them as an extension of the hands, or by placing them on top of the body while he/she works on other parts. Aside from being relaxing, this technique helps loosen tight muscles.

Some hot stone massages use a combination of hot and cold stones, but basic ones utilize only one—usually, it’s the hot stone, as the name implies. Moreover, there are treatments that require the placement of hot stones over the whole body, and there are versions that call for the stones to be placed only over the back torso. In some treatments, the stones are the main tools; in others, they are just one aspect of the entire treatment.


A hot stone massage from spas like La Fleur de Beaute allows heat to permeate deep into the muscles, thus alleviating tension and relaxing the muscles. This technique also improves blood circulation and promotes detoxification. Other parts of the body that hot stone massages affect include the nervous, lymphatic, integumentary, cardiovascular, and digestive systems.

How to Get One

This is probably the simplest question to answer. If you want to get a treatment, head on over to your local Syracuse, NY spa and get a consultation about hot stone massages. You should also ensure that the therapist who will be working on you is skilled and trained well to give you excellent service.

Rest and relaxation restore the body to its peak condition and should ease your mind of tension. If you make it a habit to go to spas like La Fleur de Beaute and get massages every weekend, you’ll find yourself ready to face every busy work week ahead.