Are the demands of work, family, or school stressing you out? Could someone you love use a little “me time?”

One of the best ways to relax is to pamper your body with a relaxing massage and a body treatment to release all the toxins that accumulate in the skin due to stress. If you are looking for the ultimate de-stressing massage, then look no further! La Fleur de Beaute Day Spa offers the most relaxing massage in Syracuse, NY!

Do you love classic Swedish-style full body massage? We have you covered! Looking to flush the toxins out of your muscle tissue? Then consider our Bamboo Fusion Massage to flush out those harmful toxins! How about our Hot Stone Massage treatment to melt away your concerns?

But if you REALLY want to get the most out of your body treatment, then consider having a body mask treatment! A body mask treatment will enhance the effect of your massage by warming and softening the skin and muscles. Think of a body mask treatment as a “facial for your back and skin.” At La Fleur de beaute, we offer the Sea Mud Mask that hydrates the skin as it relaxes, and the Honey Loofa Back Treatment that exfoliates the skin as it melts away the stress.

Reiki is a Japanese technique of stress reduction which also promotes healing. Clients remain fully clothed while the therapist lays or hovers hands for a transference of energy. Reiki is a great alternative for people whom can’t receive massage. Used regularly in hospitals.

Learn about our massage and body mask treatments below, then call us today we know you – or your special someone — will not be disappointed!

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Bamboo Fusion Massage:

A newer specialty massage of Chinese origin,Smooth bamboo sticks are rolled into the muscles in the arms, legs, & back. The deeply penetrating touch aids in flushing toxins out of the muscles to restore & relax the client.  60 minutes $85

™Hot Stone Massage:

A popular specialty massage which uses comfortably heated smooth volcanic lava rocks with aroma therapy oils to relax the muscles. The stones are placed at specific pressure points diminishing inflammation & stress with the client. 60 minutes $115

Body Treatments

Sea Mud Body Mask:

A formula of seaweed vegetable extracts and essential oils are combined to produce a mud rich in minerals and trace elements to gently extract impurities from the body. It restores tissue elasticity and leaves the body re-mineralized. $75

Herbal Body Wrap

A nourishing cream with essential aroma therapy oils is applied to the body to help promote hydration and relaxation. The application of warm linen sheets infused with these oils help provide maximum absorption. This is great therapy designed for stress management. $65

Honey Loofah Back Treatment

This relaxing treatment is designed to be a “facial of the back”. It consists of a gentle back and shoulder massage to relax the soul. The treatment begins with cleansing, leads to steaming, extractions if needed, and followed by a custom mask to leave the skin dewy and soft. Great for anyone whose back may be exposed in a low black dress (i.e., bride, etc.). $45